A 5-Day Game Plan For Busy Professionals to Sidestep Stress, Reclaim Rest, and Maximize Mental Health (Without Overwhelm)

Beyond Burnout Blueprint is a 5-day email course designed to support corporate professionals in addressing and preventing burnout.

Starting with an exploration of burnouts' symptoms and impacts, the course quickly moves to identify common errors leading to burnout and how to avoid them.

By the end of this course, you will have practical tools to maintain a burnout-free
life without feeling like you have to choose between your work and well-being.

This Course Includes Everything You Need to...

  • Reclaim Inner Peace

  • Build Sustainable Work Habits

  • Elevate Your Career Without Sacrificing Your Sanity and Serenity.

Written by:

Shannon Smith, The Harmony Facilitator and founder of Harmonize and Thrive, helping busy professionals and thrive in work and well-being.

Here's what we’re going to cover:

Day 1 - The Fundamentals of Burnout: Start with a foundational understanding of burnout, exploring its symptoms, causes, and impacts on your professional life.

Day 2 - Common Professional Missteps: Uncover the three major mistakes most professionals make that lead to burnout, and how you can avoid them.

Day 3 - Rethinking Work Culture: Consider why traditional work practices are failing us and the alternative approaches we can use to lead to healthier work habits.

Day 4 - Harmonizing Work and Life: Explore the concept of work-life integration, challenging the conventional idea of balance and finding a more holistic approach to your professional and personal life.

Day 5 - Building Resilience for the Future: Finish up with strategies for sustaining mental wellness, ensuring you stay burnout-free as you progress in your career.

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